Farrier at Boulogne.         Helmet: Calfskin turban (Leopardskin for the officers). 
Tail of horse
: Protection of the nape of the neck. Snap ring of visor: protection of the face and protection for the side of the head in copper. Gorgone head(detail)
Feather: For to the parade, colour according to rgts.
Dragoon Coat Green dress for all dragoons (5x6 rgts:). Facing colour: scarlet for the first 6 rgts. Green collar, scarlet cuffs, cuff straps in green, pockets marked cross-wise with the first 3 rgts., vertically for the three others.  Facing color in: crimson, pink, yellow, orange for others(4x6)Rgts. Coattails until 1812.
Tired look of the Dragoon who is fed up. For six months he has been promised that he will invade England; he is still in Boulogne peering at the white cliffs of Dover in the distance.
Rank of farrier on each sleeve.
Cream-coloured waistcoat. Tin buttons decorated with the regimental number.
Sabre-holding belt carried in baldric (after Iena).
Cartridge pouch streamer and forage cap rolled under the cartridge pouch.
Dragoon sabre, Model Year IX, with leather scabbard.
Sabre wrist-loop allowing it to be attached to the wrist so as not to lose it in combat.
Dragon musket (1777 MOD Year IX) recognisable from its iron ring with double tape and its copper trimmings
Leather breeches with large bridge .
Boot-hose to protect bottom of breeches from friction from boot.
Riding boots in flexible calfskin leather for use on foot or on horse, attached to the leg by a button on the breeches.  Photograph ©: Stephen Maughan  

French dragoon (1804) & British officer (2000)   Photo ©:  David Atlan

.......... and today, June 17, 2000, one participant in the re-enactment peacefully escorts some officers, riding officers of fifteen different nations which have come to commemorate on horseback the decisive encounter which brought down the Napoleonic empire.
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